Are You Aware? Short Film Competition  Specification


Turkish Cerebrovascular Diseases Society

Stroke, also known as cerebral palsy among the people, is a clinical condition that results in loss of neurological function due to the interruption of healthy blood flow in the vessels feeding the brain. Stroke is the third most common cause of death worldwide after heart diseases and cancer, and the World Stroke Organization reports that every year 17 million people have a stroke and 6 million people die from stroke or from stroke-related complications. Stroke ranks first among the causes of permanent disability in Turkey. For detailed information
Are You Aware? The Short Film Competition is held in order to support the transfer of issues concerning public health through the art of cinema. Are You Aware? Short Film competition; In addition to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards, it is aimed to ensure that the target audience not only remains as a viewer, but also becomes the manager and decision maker of the process, by the fact that "I chose it" will also be awarded with public appreciation. In this way, it is aimed that both the filmmaker and the viewers reach the right level of knowledge and awareness about the theme of the year, "stroke" and "things to do during a stroke".
The competition is organized internationally and is open to participation from all countries of the world.
  • 1-The duration of the short film to participate in the competition is limited to a minimum of 40 seconds and a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • 2- Short films to participate in the competition must be associated with the main theme of "stroke".
  • 3- Short films can be one of these genres; fictional, documentary, experimental, animation.
  • 4- Films to participate in the competition can be shot with any kind of camera (amateur, professional, mobile phone, etc.).
  • 5- All films participating in the competition must be in Turkish. If the original language of a movie is not Turkish, it must have Turkish subtitles.
  • 6- Participants can participate in the competition with a maximum of two short films. However, only one film can win an award.
  • 7- The responsibility of all kinds of material and moral rights of the technical team and actors who contributed to the film belongs to the producer of the film. The participant will also be responsible for any copyrights that may arise from the original script and original musical works of the film. The film will be excluded from the competition in case of any problems that may arise regarding the ownership of material/moral rights.
  • 8- Films that do not comply with the competition theme and Participation Conditions will be excluded from the competition.
  • 9- Jury members may exclude films from the competition due to technical or thematic errors.
  • 10-All films submitted to the competition must be approved by the Turkish Cerebrovascular Diseases Society.
  • 11- The competition committee has the right to show the submitted films in all kinds of media (social media, internet, digital media, television, etc.). Participants will not be able to claim any material / moral rights for the screenings. In 2021, 115 films participated in the Are You Aware short film competition and the public vote was held with 4000 participation votes. In 2022, it is planned that the competition will be announced with an international identity in a way that it will be opened to the participation of other world countries.
  • 12- Yarışmaya katılan adaylar, şartnamede yer alan koşulları kabul etmiş sayılır.Competitors are deemed to have accepted the terms of conditions.
  • 13- Participants applied to the contest must e-mail their films to on December 16, 2022 Monday, 5pm the latest. Films sent over vimeo only will be accepted to the contest.
  • 14- When applying to the contest, participants must fill the form below completely and email it to

    Name of the Film



    Director/Directed by

    Film Summary (Synopsis)

    Film’s Information

    Minimum of 2 visuals belong to the film (Set photos)

    Director’s biography, picture, contact adresse and phone.

  • 15- Public voting evaluations of the contest will be proceeded on, after the awarded movies designated. Films failed the pre-selection process and films designated in the top three are will be excluded from the public voting.
  • 1- Participants must possess the copyrights of artistic elements such as screenplay and music score and artists' names must be mentioned in the application form additionally, if any exist. Participant is responsible for all issues regarding the copyrights.
  • 2- Contest committee has the tenure to exhibit films in any non-profitable organization.
  • Films participating in the competition will be evaluated in two stages. The pre-selection jury will evaluate the thematic and cinematographic suitability and adequacy of the films. Films that pass the evaluation of the pre-selection jury will be evaluated by the jury members.
    A.Özcan Özdemir- Turkish Cerebrovascular Diseases Society Chairman of the Board
    Ayşegül Domaniç Yelçe- Journalist
    Gökçe Bahadır-Actress
    Ozan Açıktan-Director
    S. Serhat Serter- Academician
    Zeynep Günay Tan-Director
    Application Deadline: Applications must be made on Monday, December 16, 2022, at 17:00, via the e-mail address meeting: Film selections will be made on Thursday, December 29, 2022, until 16:00.
  • 1st PRIZE: 12.000 TL
  • 2nd PRIZE: 8.000 TL
  • 3rd PRIZE: 6.000 TL
  • Public Voting : 3.500 TL