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Stroke, also known as palsy or cerebral palsy among the people, is a clinical condition that results in loss of neurological function due to the interruption of healthy blood flow in the vessels feeding the brain. Stroke is the third most common cause of death worldwide after heart diseases and cancer, and the World Stroke Organization reports that every year 17 million people have a stroke and 6 million people die from stroke or from stroke-related complications. Stroke ranks first among the causes of permanent disabilities in Turkey.


Turkish Cerebrovascular Diseases Society 

Turkish Cerebrovascular Diseases Society has taken; to increase the knowledge about the causes of cerebrovascular diseases, preventive measures and treatment methods, to contribute to national and worldwide developments in this regard, to provide communication, exchange of information and experience between physicians and other staff working in this field, to encourage and support ongoing research and studies and to provide financial and moral support to poor and needy patients with cerebrovascular disease as a mission.

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